BOLD carries an extensive range of products that are designed for new building projects as well as renovation and modernizations. Backed by its robust supply chain system it has contributed definitely to the transformation of innovative bathroom solutions, complementing every bathroom and kitchen with its distinct design culture.

At BOLD design, innovation, sustainability and holistic well-being are ingrained as part of our corporate ethos. Inspired by these values BOLD presents unique products to architects, designers, contractors, retailers and the DIY trade. At each and every market level we create a brand experience.

Our approach towards material selection, application of technology and methods employed in production all come together to make sure that our clients receive products that are longer lasting and with optimized levels of water consumption, with highest level of environmental & ecological sustainability.

Design and Innovation

At BOLD our design based culture is about creating a more desirable future, one that experiments with new ways of supporting the consumer’s latest needs and desires. With equal favour our design engineers continually strive to envision new products that can revolutionize the way we interact with our bathrooms and living areas. Our products seamlessly integrate space, form, function, elegance, sophistication creating a new home experience. Some of our most innovative products include the BOLD foot washer that incorporates functional design, recognizing the needs of the public who don’t have the freedom of movement, like pregnant women, the elderly and physically challenged people who can easily step on to the foot washer for a clear mistful experience.

Regional Distribution and Technical Support Center

Strategically located in Dubai – UAE, A state of the art distribution and technical support facility. Dubai is location between the Far East and Europe; it becomes the economic centre for Asia, Africa, Europe, and Russia. Dubai offers business opportunities to manufacturers and exporters enterprises of all sizes.

Retail Distribution Network

Moving beyond routine offerings, BOLD 360 is a new and innovative concept that represents a new way of delivering better value service and goods to its customers. As part of its robust supply chain efforts the BOLD 360 initiative aims to cover the last mile to meet costumers at their homes, bring a wide range of products to their doorstep, direct their homes. This channel effectively bridges that gap between supplier and the customer, bringing in added convenience of selecting and purchasing of products for the customer.