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Comfort and luxury are what most of us want to be surrounded by in our day-to-day life. So, imagine a world where comfort and luxury marry contemporary and modern in the room where you spend most of your time getting ready for your big day.

BOLD, a name which resonates with elegance, aims to do just that with our wide range of faucets, sanitaryware, shattafs, footwasher, plumbing items, SPA collections for your bathroom and kitchen.

Our designs are created with inspiration deeply rooted in contemporary and modern art, while making the product’s functionality best suited for your comfort and luxury for your everyday living. Our range of products allow you to show your thoughts and display your individuality and personality together with a touch of elegance in your living space. BOLD acts as an influencer to an inspirational and extravagant lifestyle, built with the priority of innovation, design, durability, quality and a personal touch.


Showers of Tranquility - by BOLD

Let BOLD hand showers take you to an imagination of being underneath a waterfall. This wide range is made to make you feel at peace and sooth you for your tranquility.

Design Democracy at BOLD

An amalgamation of art deco and contemporary design meets unparalleled expertise at BOLD.


INNOVATION Innovation is at the center of BOLD. Our products have been designed and crafted like no other before. With the touch of contemporary to our innovation and inspiration by all four elements of the earth, our new product launches are always at the next level.


The top of class range of elegant BOLD Bathware Collection showcases modern contemporary by designs that play around with geometrical shapes and refined curves. BOLD aims to provide you with the best quality sanitaryware closets and basin designs with constant launches of remolded designs that the current users look for. Our technology strives to be respectful to the environment and your economical wellbeing as our products tries to minimize the use of water and energy consumption.

SHOWER collection

Stepping out of our box, we introduce our novel wall tile range as a promise of an aesthetic masterpiece to your walls. With over a hundred exquisite designs in various finishing to bring a new dimension to the ambience of your home and guarantees to bring an absolute sophisticated look.