Bold brings you the first specialized Foot Washer.
    Simple and hygienic to use, it is ideal for entire family.

  • Ultimate

    Bold mixers are made from the finest materials
    and feature the latest technologies. Bold makes your
    joy our top priority.

  • Enjoy every flow

    With optimize levels of water consumption
    and effortless water control, you can take
    pleaseure in each flow of water having peace
    of mind that our products are eco-friendly.

  • Wall Hung Series

    Our extensive range of wall-hung porcelain
    convvenience is diverse in shape and style.
    Each have their own individual qualities but all
    adhere to pure functunionality and comfort.

  • ALTINUM Series
    Luxury in your bathroom

    Altinum series has clear lines and an edgy dynamic,
    its shape set allows ease of use and communicates a
    distinct visual.

  • Perfect Bathroom

    We all have our own unique personalities,
    why should your bathroom be any different?
    With the vast choice of exclusive products,
    Bold, can ensure you have a personalized
    space, adapted specifically for the needs of
    you and your family.

  • You can maximize
    your Bathroom

    Whether you need to fit out a small or large bath-
    room allow our team at Bold to guide you with their
    expertise and flare for design. Ensuring maximization
    of space without compromising on style.

  • Exceptional design
    with functional features

    We aim to provide a free-standing basin solution based
    on each individual's choice of function and visual preference.

  • Innovative
    Shower Solution

    Our shower systems range from basic but fully
    functional, to lavish and aesthetically luxurious.

  • Add a touch of Class

    Italian design, sets our furniture from the rest. Let
    your bathroom be an extension of the bedroom, add
    a touch of class and complement it with our seductive
    furniture pieces.


  • WUDU Monolith

    WUDU Monolith

    Bold have invented the new generation WUDU Monolith system to enhance the use and installation compatibility. The Monolith frame helps easy integration of basin and Foot Washer.

    View WUDU Monolith


  • Foot Washer

    The Foot Washer

    Invented the Foot Washer bringing comfort whilst revolutionizing the way we perform ablution and washing of feet. Convenience and Comfort is at the heart of this invention.

    View Foot washer


  • WUDU Basin

    The WUDU Basin

    Invented the new generation basin to reduce spill of water and uplift today's lifestyle with convenience and hygiene.

    View WUDU Basin