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Tiles are the ideal way to bring art into any environment. They always convey a deep sense of emotion wherever it is used, regardless of what form it takes, they bring a space to life as a personal expression of those who live there.


When distinctive styles are combined with an array of choices designed for uncompromising performance, you can end up with amazing bath spaces that will inspire people who are driven by the latest trends and ideas.


Simply elegant. Bold Faucets are works of sheer artistry and arrives at your bath space with a sculpted perfection. Discover the fine marriage of luxury with performance. Discover what happens when modern technology meets aesthetics.

tubs & cubicles

Thanks to a variety of available dimensions and options, it is possible to create an attractive bath space in every architectural situation.

Our Brands
our brands

The Bold story is one of passion, values, precision and a high-level of quality. It is a story that was born out of a strong belief in innovation and attention to detail that can provide a better quality of life. It is the culmination of a vision to build tomorrow's life, spaces today and the belief of a team of people in their ability to transform lives. It has been shaped over the years along with some of the best names in product design.

'Wudu' Friendly Products

A great deal of thought goes into every product that is produced at Bold. Ours is a quest for creating complete and satisfying life-scape. Our designers are strong believers in the saying 'One size doesn't fit all'. Quite naturally, our design process explores the world of the physically challenged and those faced with the challenges of traditions and lifestyles.

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