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The technology and manufacturing expertise of Bold is equally complemented by a design culture that has been put in place by commissioning renowned product designers from across the World.

Bold is an innovation driven lifestyle-brand managed by thought leaders who have committed a lifetime to pursue a mission to reinvent the bathroom and redefine our relationship with water.

Bold is a brand that strives to maintain its leadership in producing quality products based on a manufacturing knowledge that promotes sparing use of water and the practical benefits its innovation provides the customer.

The Story

The Bold story is one of a passion, values, precision and a high-level of quality. It is a story that was born out of a strong belief in innovation and attention to detail that can provide a better quality of life. It is the culmination of a vision to build tomorrow's life spaces today and the belief of a team of people in their ability to transform lives.

It has been shaped over the years along with some of the best names in product design. It is a declaration of loyalty to its customers by creating robust and reliable products that always put the customer's needs first.


We are a responsible company and take the preservation of our precious resources seriously. Our process for the selection of materials, technological applications and production methods ensure that you get a product that lasts longer, with most optimum level of water consumption.